Do you have space under the stairs in your house that you want to use more efficiently? Are you trying to find creative ways to utilize that space? Have a hard time finding space for your belongings elsewhere? You’re in the right place if the answer to these questions is yes.

Tiny house stairs can serve two functions. The first is to transport you to and from the upper levels of your house, and the second is as storage.

Tiny house stairs with storage can have many possible uses such as a broom closet, a pull-out pantry with drawers and cupboards, or as a space for keeping clothes and laundry. Depending on your needs, there are of course many other possible uses of the space.

Tiny house staircases strike the perfect balance between an aesthetic feature of your home and a functional element. One of the beauties of owning a tiny house in the first place is that your living arrangement will require you to downsize your possessions and to come up with inventive ways to use a limited space.

While this may seem like a downside to some, the upshot comes in the form of the opportunity to truly customize your home to your identity, and to make a living situation for yourself that reflects your way of life.

Why Go for Tiny House Stairs Over Ladders?

Consider how challenging it is to live in a tiny house and have to climb ladders every morning and evening. Ladders are precarious and oftentimes more physically demanding than stairs. There is also the present risk and danger of falling off them.

Tiny dwellings used to be much smaller than they are now. In the past, a standard tiny house used to be around 150 square feet. Now people build larger frames and trailers that can extend from 24 feet to 30 feet.

If you’re working with a smaller tiny house design that’s less than 20 feet in length, ladders may be the necessary option, seeing as they can be taken down and stored conveniently. A staircase with storage, although helpful, may still take up too much space in an especially small home.

However, for moderately sized homes, tiny house stairs with storage are usually the best option.

Also keep in mind that your stairs should not take over or divide a living space, making it inconvenient to maneuver the rooms they connect.

Can a Staircase Be Added to a Finished Tiny House?

Many people are cautious and wary of climbing ladders in their tiny houses, so installing tiny house stairs has grown in popularity over time as a safer alternative.

When you first plan your tiny house, you may not have considered all your options when including stairs between floors. To this end, you may have outlined the plan of your home without designing them in the most space-efficient manner.


However, installing stairs with storage is still a possibility, even if your house is already built. It will likely be more expensive to install them after, as you will have to work with your space constraints and likely get a custom build. It is therefore best practice to plan efficient stairs into the blueprint of your house.

How to Design and Use Tiny House Stairs with Storage

The following ideas will help you to utilize your tiny house stairs more effectively:

Closed Storage (drawers and doors)

Having closed storage is a great way to store things privately, keeping them from being seen and securing them in a safe location. Closed storage will also secure your belongings when the building is in transport, preventing them from falling out on a bumpy road. Ensuring that your drawers and doors have latches will also prevent them from swinging open while the building is moving.

Height of Storage

To keep from having to bend over all the time, you may want to have storage higher up, or at a height that is comfortable for you to access. While efficient to include as much storage space as you can, keep in mind that you will want to keep less used items closer to the ground and more frequently used items at waist height.

Be careful not to install drawers too high up, as opening and reaching inside drawers above shoulder height will prove difficult. Therefore, for the upper storage compartments, you may want to include open cubbies instead of drawers.

Kitchen Pantry

Using your tiny house stairs with storage as a pull-out pantry is a great use of the stairs. Kitchen objects can take up a lot of space, and having them tucked away can help make your room seem larger and less cluttered.

Hidden Dresser

Another great possible use for your storage compartment is as a disguised dresser. Most people like to keep their clothing out of sight, and having tiny house stairs with storage is a great way to do so. If you want, you make the space beneath the stairs one large compartment with a door. Placing a mirror on the door will help keep your tiny house feeling airy and large, disguising the stair’s secret function. Having a mirror is also practical, as most people like to examine their appearance when getting dressed and before leaving home.


To construct stairs with storage for a small house, you must first decide on a design. You can build stairs by constructing a sequence of boxes that form a staggered incline.

The dimensions of your tiny home stairs will ultimately be determined by the dimensions and design of the small house.

Pull-out stairs and stairways are more advanced designs that may need the assistance of a specialist to install. On the other hand, a basic ladder is the simplest way to connect the floors in your home.

You can use these tiny house storage stairs in many ways. The best way to start is by figuring out what you want to use them for, and then design them accordingly.

These spaces can be designed and decorated for multiple purposes, from baby-proof play areas to being the perfect compartment for washing machines.

Your choices are endless!

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