Curious About Space Saving Furniture?: Check Out the Tiny House Murphy Bed
tiny house murphy bed

Are you hoping to optimize the space in your home? A murphy bed is a great way to do this. Not only does it ensure optimal space-saving, but it also adds a unique feature to your home. You get to fold it up when not in use and pull it down when it’s time to sleep. 

Murphy beds are convenient, easy to use, and can be the perfect statement furniture piece for your home. Plus, we love that many types of murphy beds come with extra storage capabilities. You can use them like a closet and store clothes, and some even come with extra shelving on the side that can hold books and other items.

If you’re looking for great options for a fold-up murphy bed, then look no further. Here, you’ll find our recommendations for the five best tiny house murphy bed. 

The Five Best Tiny House Murphy Beds 

Let’s have a look at some of the best pieces of furniture that you could add to your home, especially when you’re moving into a small one. They can be the ideal solution for comfort and storage.

1. Bestar Nebula Collection Queen Murphy Bed

The first thing you look at when you’re getting a bed is the level of comfort. The Nebula Collection provides the perfect frame for your mattress for maximum comfort.  

The wooden frame of the bed was created using some of the most high-quality laminated particleboard, so it’s very sturdy. Because of its sturdiness, you won’t even notice you aren’t sleeping on a normal bed! 

In terms of durability, the Nebula Collections beats many other competitors. It’s a bed that’s guaranteed to last a long time.  

Simply pull your bed up with the help of the double pistons without straining your back. This bed does require about two to three people to assemble, but it’s definitely worth it! 


  • Easy to pull up and down with the double piston mechanism
  • Lasts a long time because it’s made using some of the best quality lamination
  • Ideal bed size of about 80” x 60” for a small room


  • It’s best to have professionals put up the bed and its frame for you

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2. Pemberly Row Easy-Lift Dual Piston Queen Size Murphy Wall Bed

The Pemberly Row Easy Lift bed is one of a kind. If you’re looking for something that adds class and saves space in your home, then this is all you need. 

We love that this bed looks like a chest of drawers when it’s folded into the wall, so nobody will ever know that you have a murphy bed! Plus, its simple white color goes really well with any type of room design.

Pemberly makes exceptional beds, and this one is no exception. The looks are distinct and it’s made out of high-quality materials. The easy-lift feature is great because it ensures you can easily put the bed up and down regularly.


  • White finishing and antique look is great 
  • No trouble with folding and unfolding the bed as it comes with a dual-piston mechanism
  • Will fit most queen-sized mattresses, so if you have one already you can use it


  • Assembling it is not easy and should be done by professionals with a good amount of experience

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3. Bestar Queen Murphy Bed Pur Collection

Another Bestar edition is the Bestar Pur Collection. Compared to the Nebula Collection, this one is relatively cheaper. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s any less high-quality. 

The Pur Collection is made using some of the highest-quality lamination materials. The beds are compliant with TSCA Title VI, which proves that they are sturdy and made to last. 

Bestar is already renowned for creating some of the best bed frames. They’re simple, elegant, and add to the overall look of your home. Not only this, but you’ll also find these beds to be quite durable for the long run.


  • Euro Slat mattress that does wonders for your back
  • Frame of the bed is made using exceptional raw materials and other items


  • Needs two people to assemble it because it’s heavy 

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4. Bestar Edge Collection Full Murphy Bed

The Bestar Edge Collection features uniquely-designed murphy beds. The bed comes with one handle on the mainframe that allows you to open and close it at your convenience.

It’s the ideal option for those trying to make their home more optimized. This bed helps you ensure that you are using your space efficiently. 

Plus, it’s really comfortable to sleep in and folds up nicely. As long as you take out the pillows, it can be folded with all the bedding still on it, which is really convenient. Just make sure that you hire professionals to install it and securely fasten it to the wall. 


  • Easy to pull up and down regularly with the help of its piston mechanism
  • Provides a simple and classic overall look to the space
  • Bed frame is quite sturdy and allows for sufficient clothes closet space


  • Kind of bulky

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5. Bestar Pur Collection Full Murphy Bed

The Bestar Pur Collection is one of the best options for murphy beds available on the market. It’s a unique bed that you can easily hide when you don’t need it, and it has an attached storage space where you can keep all kinds of items. 

The bed frame and the look of the bed are similar to the other Bestar options, but the storage capabilities that come with this bed are unique.

Plus, when folded up, it fits well in any type of room. Particularly, its clean white color pairs well with similarly white-colored minimalist rooms. 

Things We Like:

  • Exceptional storage space on the side to keep a myriad of things
  • Easy mechanism allows for quick setup by relevant professionals
  • Elegant white color adds to the look of any room

Things We Don’t Like:

  • You cannot put this up yourself — you need to hire professionals in the business

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Things You Should Know About Murphy Beds

Murphy beds come with plenty of unique features. Here are a few things that you must know before you purchase one. 

Installing Fold-Down Murphy Bed Enhances Interior

You might be thinking that this folding-up bed will stick out in your home and look like an oversized piece of furniture. This, however, doesn’t have to be the case. 

There are so many beautiful options out there for you to choose from when it comes to these beds. Most end up looking like a chest of drawers!

Choose the one that matches well with your theme and interior, and you’ll have the perfect addition to your home. 

The Perfect Cupboard Space

The closet space of these beds is one of the best parts about them. It’s really convenient to have a bed that not only folds up and saves space but comes with extra storage.

The extra space is great to use as a closet to store your clothes, and some beds even come with attached shelving for bed-side knick-knacks, books, and other items. This is one of our favorite things about owning a murphy bed!

Provides an Efficient Living Space

One of the more obvious benefits of a murphy bed is the extra space. Say goodbye to your traditional bed and say hello to a more efficient living space.

Beds usually take up by far the most space in a bedroom. They’re large and bulky and can make a small room feel even smaller. A foldable bed gives you a lot of space to work with. 

Murphy beds are especially convenient for guest rooms or other rooms where you might want to have a bed but you also want to exercise or use the room as an office. Now, you can easily do both! 

Things You Need to Measure Before Buying a Pull-Down Bed

When buying a pull-down bed, especially if you’re furnishing a new home, you should know a few things.

Here are all the things you should start measuring so that you don’t have to worry when the bed arrives. Go over these things before buying the bed so that its installation goes smoothly.  

  • Height of the ceiling for mounting
  • Location of the doorway
  • Height of the swing of your bed
  • Assessment of corners of the room
  • Placement of fixtures or ceiling fans
  • Material of the wall 


Here’s a list of some frequently asked questions when it comes to murphy beds.

How Is a Murphy Bed Different From Other Beds?

Murphy beds are quite different from your typical style of beds. While they’re similarly great for comfort, their styles are pretty different as they’re mostly wall-mounted or built-in tiny house furniture.

This means that the bed is mounted on your wall and you can pull it down and open it at your convenience. 

When you have a small home or room, this proves to be an exceptional feature as it allows you to add more space to your home. You wake up in the morning, fix your bed, and put it up on the wall easily. 

Will Pull-Down Beds Fit in With Your Home’s Décor?

If your home falls under the small home category, your pull-down bed will fit perfectly in the space. The nice thing about these beds is that they come in a great range of designs and colors. 

You shouldn’t have a problem finding an option that works well with your decor. Additionally, if you don’t want a murphy bed that looks like a foldable bed, many of the murphy bed options look like a chest of drawers or a shelf. 

Are Murphy Beds Comfortable?

Murphy beds are stylish and comfortable. It might seem like having to put the bed up and down is too much work, but it’s really not. The mechanisms in place for these wall-mounted beds are quite effective. So, this house furniture piece is only going to make things more convenient for you. 

The beds accommodate some of the most comfortable mattresses and prove to be the ideal fit for most mattress brands. You won’t have to worry about not finding a comfortable mattress for your bed. Some of them also have built-in storage, which adds to their overall usefulness. 

Best Tiny House Murphy Bed Brands

When it comes to the best murphy brands, here are a few that make the list. These are the brands that you can depend on because they always deliver quality products. 

  • Bestar: This company is one of the most popular murphy bed sellers because they have a wide range of styles and options. They do not compromise on quality and definitely give you your money’s worth.
  • Pemberley: This brand promises great quality and longevity. Their pull-down beds are a great investment for your home. 
  • Urbino: This company produces sturdy and high-quality beds. They also produce other furniture items that we love, like sofas! 


Murphy beds are an excellent addition to anyone’s home. While it might seem like they would look awkward hanging on your wall at first, these beds can be the perfect accent of furniture for your bedroom or guest room. 

Choose from the top five tiny house murphy beds mentioned above so you can amplify your living space and ensure that you’re making the most out of it. Good luck shopping!


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