When it comes to lighting a tiny house, it is essential to choose the kind that will help to make even the smallest spaces look better. Choosing the right type of lights for your new home will help to make it more inviting.

The right kind of tiny house lighting will help alter any space within it and be effective at illuminating dark and dreary areas. It can also affect the emotions of those inside the home. Darker homes may make you sleepy or sad while brighter homes may give you more energy and make you feel good all around.

In this article, we will be looking at some ways to light up your tiny home.

How to Light Different Rooms in Your Home

When designing the lighting plan for your tiny home, there are two important concepts you should be considering. The two you should consider are task lighting and ambient lighting.

You may be asking, what are these lighting types and why are they so important?

We answer those questions below.

A Bit About Ambient Lighting

This focuses on the use of diffused types of lighting. Ambient lights tend not to have bulbs and don’t emit a bright white light. Instead, these light fixtures act as accent lighting and are designed to help create a certain kind of atmosphere within a room.

Usually, the best place to install an ambient light is either in the bedroom or installed as ceiling lights in your living room.

A Bit About Task Lighting

This type of lighting is the total opposite of the above and includes bulbs that emit bright, white, and clear light in a room. This kind of lighting aims to help provide better visibility.

The areas of your tiny house where you should use such lighting choices include the kitchen and any work or reading areas.

Now that you understand the kind of light sources you need to include in your tiny home’s lighting design, you next need to decide what kind of actual lights you should be using.

As your tiny house has been designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, you need to use the right kinds of lights that will help to keep energy costs down. As a rule of thumb, the best choice of light to use in your home is one that includes LED technology.

Why LED Lighting is Best for Your Tiny House

These artificial lights are among the most efficient at helping to reduce your home’s power consumption. Not only does an LED fixture last around 25 times longer than conventional light bulbs but when looking at their energy efficiency stats, you will also realize that these light sources use approximately 75% less energy levels.

Benefits of LED Lighting

1. Generate less heat compared to other bulb lighting options

Incandescent bulbs will turn around 90% of all the energy they use into heat. At the same time, lights that use LED bulbs in them produce little to no heat at all.

2. Emit Light in a Certain Direction

A conventional ceiling-mounted lighting fixture will typically only emit light all around the bulb. This results in a lot of energy from this type of artificial lighting directed onto walls or the ceiling.

As for LED lighting, this will only emit light in a particular direction. This makes it good to use as a task, direct, or recessed lighting options.

3. Good Light Source

They may be small but each LED provides a good light source compared to incandescent bulbs. They are also able to produce different light colors as well as offer you different light intensities. This can be helpful for setting certain moods in your home.

4. Are Flexible

LED light fixtures and bulbs are available in various shapes and sizes. This means you can design lighting solutions for your tiny home that work best for it.

5. Power Consumption is Low

As LED lights don’t require complex wiring to be installed, you can use them in small tight spaces. This lighting is perfect for use as recessed lights that you can place under cabinets.

Some collections of lights use LED in them that don’t need any connection to a main wire supply. This is because these lights, which often get used under kitchen cabinets, use batteries to power them.

We’ve explained a lot about why the adoption of LED lights in your tiny house is such a good idea. We will now offer up a few house lighting ideas to ensure that you come up with the best artificial lighting design for your home.

A Few DIY Lighting Methods You May Find Useful

As space is often limited in a tiny house and tends to be open plan, you will need to be creative when deciding on tiny house lighting ideas. It will help to create a sense of the area being two different zones and help develop the right mood for the areas.


In areas such as your living room, use accent lighting like LED wall sconces or valance lighting. As for places where you will be reading or working, go for the right kind of task light. Invest in a floor lamp or table lamps for this area of your tiny home.

As for the kitchen area, you are best using cabinet lighting. You can install LED rope lights very quickly and easily in this area of your home. Also, it is worth installing good ceiling LED lights in the center of the ceiling to provide more angles of light throughout the room.

Of course, nothing beats natural light. At night, however, you will need to turn to using artificial lighting. With proper lighting, you’ll have a home that you love and will feel warm and inviting to those who choose to visit you in your tiny house.

We hope that the information we provided to you above will help you develop your own tiny house lighting ideas. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.

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