Tiny House Heater: Your Guide to Tiny House Heating 101
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With global warming taking its toll on mother nature, temperatures are reaching their extremes. Winters are getting colder than ever before, and it’s becoming more necessary for us to rely on heaters wherever we reside. 

Are you looking to warm your tiny house this winter? We’ll be sharing our take on the best tiny house heater suitable to your needs, so keep on reading. 

The Top 5 Tiny House Heaters for You

When choosing a heater for your tiny house, there are quite a few options. You must be aware of your own requirements to ensure that the suggested heater is perfect for you. 

1. Andily Space Electric Heater for Home and Office

Electric heaters can definitely be considered as one of the cheapest forms of heating options available on the market. The Andily Space Electric Heater is a 750-1500 W electric heater with a ceramic base. This allows for it to heat up quickly and remain hot for a longer period of time.

It is portable in terms of size, can be carried easily, and quickly warms specific rooms or areas at a time. It also has a small carrying handle on top to add to its portability. 

The heater provides three different heat ranges with a thermostat: high heat, low heat, or a fan. You can adjust this to your heating requirements whenever needed. 

With portable heaters, people are often worried about them tipping over due to their light weight. This heater, therefore, has a tip-over switch that automatically turns off the heater in case it tilts or tips over by accident.

An automatic overheat system is also installed to ensure that the heater turns off when any part of it is overheated. What a great way to incorporate safety protection!


  • Portability and sleek design are great, and it can easily be taken anywhere, even on a road trip
  • Ceramic elements allow for good heat insulation
  • Energy-efficient radiant heater
  • Safety precautions are in place


  • Can only warm a certain area due to its size

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2. Aikoper 1500W Electric Space Heater

The Aikoper 1500W Electric Space Heater is small only in size. Its efficient PTC heating technology and powerful fan can warm the room in no time.

Its small dimensions make it easy to carry, so you can place it wherever you want. Instead of heating the whole house using the central heating system, this can be used to quickly warm up the space you are actually using it.

It has three heating settings: high, medium, and low, as well as the fan. Use the adjustable thermostat to knock up and down the heat according to your preference.

This tiny house heater also has an advanced overheat protection sensor that turns off the heater whenever it overheats. This comes as a handy feature for all concerned parents who have curious kids around who like to poke fingers in every appliance.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Helpful for saving big on electricity bills, as it cuts down central heating costs
  • Tip-over switch is a smart feature to ensure safety


  • Available in only one color
  • Not powerful enough to warm the entire space

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3. Dreo 1500W Electric Space Heater

As the winter months approach, the struggle to stay warm from the chilly winds begins. A great option is the Dreo Electric Space Heater, which is both small and powerful.

This tiny house heater is only 10 inches tall and has PTC ceramic heating that heats up quickly and distributes rapid warmth. Its design is unique and fit for optimizing heat in living spaces. It oscillates to 70°F, increasing the area it directs heat to.

It has a digital thermostat, making it easier for you to manage heat settings. 

This portable heater has a 9-blade fan, ensuring more warmth and less noise. These can also be referred to as mini-splits, allowing greater heat distribution.

The distribution of warmth spreads across each square foot of your tiny house evenly, as you like. What could be better than that?

It also has an efficient tip-over switch that automatically turns the heater off when it reaches 122°F. This, again, is a great safety measure. 

Another feature of this tiny house heater that sets it apart is its ECO mode. Turn it on, and it tunes its heat output according to the surrounding temperature. This ensures that your living space is never overheated.


  • Sleek and efficient design rotates and distributes heat to bigger floor space
  • Digital thermostat makes it easier to navigate heat settings
  • Creates less noise and more warmth


  • Might be a little small for bigger rooms

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4. Selanto 1500W Electric Space Heater

This Selanto electric heater is super-compact at only nine inches tall. Yet, its PTC advanced ceramic heating elements maximize heat output and warm your living space within 35 seconds.

Its design keeps in mind safety and protection. Therefore, it is made of fire retardant material and shuts off when the heater overheats or is tipped, making it great for small spaces. 

It has four settings: high heat, low heat, ECO, and fan, making it fit for year-round use. This electric space heater comes fully assembled, so you just have to plug it into a power source and make your living space warm and cozy.


  • Easy to carry and place wherever you want
  • Ample safety features make it a great choice for families with kids and pets
  • ECO heat setting consumes 30% less energy than other heaters, reducing electricity bills


  • Won’t be able to heat the entire floor space if the room is big due to its tiny size 
  • A corded electric heater that requires constant access to electricity to work

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5. Kismile 1500W Electric Space Heater 

This Kismile Electric Heater is made of PTC ceramic and has three heat settings: high heat, low heat, and fan. It is lightweight and portable, so you can keep it wherever you want, including in your office near your feet or at your bedside while you’re sleeping. 

One of its best features is that it creates less than 50 dB level noise and operates almost silently. This is extremely convenient for tiny houses because even a bit of noise can cause disruptions. The more silent, the better!

Its safety features include automatically switching off when it overheats or is tipped. Again, a great feature for houses where kids or pets may reside.

Things We Like:

  • Compact design, which takes very little floor space
  • Quick and noiseless, ideal for light sleepers
  • Safety features make it a good pick for families with little ones 

Things We Don’t Like:

  • An electric and corded heater, requiring a power source near the place you want to be heated
  • Only three heating settings 

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How to Know Which Space Heater to Get 

We wish we could give you an answer to this! However, this is something that differs for each buyer. There is no electric heater that fulfills every buyer’s requirement.

So, the decision depends specifically on what you are looking for. What features do you want most, and which ones can you do without?

Is the price point a deal-breaker for you, or is the durability? Are you most concerned about safety or other things like compactness, design, or thermostat preference?

Once you have it spelled out for yourself, you can decide which tiny house heater is best for you. 

We have listed some features and characteristics below to help you make an informed decision about the best tiny house heater. 

PTC Ceramic Material

Each of these five electric heaters reviewed above are made with advanced PTC ceramic technology, which provides efficient heating in less time. They are perfect for off-grid tiny homes. 

If you want something made of high-quality ceramic, any of these would be a great pick. 


If you are looking for a heater for your bedroom or house office, you won’t want something too bulky. 

While all of these are compact, the Andily Space Electric Heater is a popular choice, as it has the smallest dimensions and is only 6 inches wide and 8 inches tall. 

With how little space it takes up, you can even place it on a table and enjoy warmth and comfort. 


If you want something that looks good, the Dreo Space Heater is a popular option to consider. Its matte black color is pleasant to look at, and the advanced digital thermostat sets it apart from other heaters. 

Its unique design allows it to oscillate to 70 degrees and adds to its futuristic look. Not only does it look good, but it provides excellent heating. It distributes direct warmth to a greater area which is definitely a plus. 

Safety Features 

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), space heaters cause around 81% of deadly house fires in the United States. 

Every year, around 1,700 fires are caused by space heaters. That is certainly a large number. While space heaters are an economical house heating source, they could cause a huge safety hazard. Therefore, ensuring that the one you get has ample safety features is a must. 

The good thing is that each of the space heaters we have discussed has considered this and are all vent-free heaters. They automatically switch off when they overheat or are tipped. 

For families with little kids and pets, tipping of heaters is common. Hence, this is an excellent safety feature to have present in the heaters. 


You must also find out how much noise the space heater you are purchasing makes. Noisy heaters could be a deal-breaker for you, especially if you are a light sleeper, do not like to tolerate unnecessary noise, or are buying for kids who wake up easily. 

After all, ample research has discussed the negative effects of constant and loud noises on cognitive processing and mental/physical health. So, you won’t want to risk your and your loved ones’ health. 

While none of these tiny house heaters make a loud noise, you may want to get the Kismile Electric Heater, as it claims to make less than 50 dB noise. 


Can We Manually Set the Temperature for Our Heater?

Other than some heaters like the Dreo Space Heater, which allows you to set the heat output anywhere from 41-95 degrees Fahrenheit, most heaters require you to choose between high, medium, and low heat ranges. 

How Long Is the Chord Length of the Heater?

All of these heaters have a chord length ranging from four-six feet, making them sufficiently easy to use. 


The five heaters we have discussed are all great for their worth. From being economical to compact to keeping safety in mind, any of these might be the best pick for you.

However, if we have to pick one, it would be the Dreo Electric Space Heater for multiple reasons. Its sleek design is definitely a plus, but its digital thermostat and 70-degree oscillating characteristic have us sold.

Most heaters give a constant heat output. If you have set it on high, it will continue to give high heat regardless of how warm the space has gotten. However, this heater senses how warm or cold the room is and keeps it at the temperature you set it on.

Now you know why it tops our list. It has so many features that other heaters around the same price point don’t deliver. Get this or any of the above-mentioned tiny house heaters for yourself and have a happy, cozy winter this year (without a crazy energy bill, of course!)


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