One of the most challenging things people normally face in their house construction is building a tiny house badezimmer. A badezimmer, if you didn’t already know, is just the German word for bathroom. Tiny houses require compact bathrooms, and making the most of your space is a primary concern for tiny house owners.

While many people dream of owning large bathrooms, we don’t always have a choice when it comes to size. Your home may not be large enough to contain the bathroom of your choosing, meaning that you will have to deal with what you have. Figuring out how you maximize the tiny amount of space in your home becomes an important question to answer.

In order to derive the satisfaction you want from your bathroom requires foresight and clever design. It is essential that every inch of your home and bathroom is organized effectively and efficiently.

Considerations When Constructing a Tiny House Badezimmer

Now that you have a limited space to construct your bathroom, it is important to properly plan things out before getting to work.

It is also important to clearly list all that is necessary to include in your bathroom design. This will help you eliminate unnecessary features and cumbersome objects that consume more space than they should.

An effective way to do this is by listing your routine daily activities to outline when and why you use your bathroom. This will help you specify what needs to be in the bathroom and what your priorities for the space are.

By preparing a list, make sure to prioritize your needs over your wants, and to get down to what is truly essential.

To simplify plumbing, you should consolidate pipes and connections in one area. This will make things easier to setup and also repair. Another thing many people forget to do while planning their tiny house badezimmer is to make space for dirty laundry in the bathroom.

It is also essential to consider clearing space for towels and other toilet cleaning devices. Make sure that the appliances you intend to install will fit through the bathroom door. Pocket doors can be used instead of regular doors to help maximize space.

After considering all that should be in the bathroom, it is important to include extra storage space just in case your needs change in the future.

How to Design A Tiny House Badezimmer

Designing a tiny house badezimmer requires a lot of effort and work, and you may want to seek professional advice and help when doing so. It is also useful to look up existing designs online.

In any house construction, the bathroom and kitchen design require more specialized planning than other areas in your home. This is in part due to the electrical and water needs of both of these areas.

Because of the small amount of space that you have, designing a bathroom effectively is more crucial and can have greater consequences down the line. This is where your list of essentials is most useful. They should be your starting point.

The best thing to do is to critically look at the list to determine the right and ideal location of those items in a bathroom. Once you determine where these items should be placed and how accessible they need to be, then you can start to bring them together to figure out an overall design.

A typical bathroom usually features a sink, shower, toilet, mirror, cabinets, bathtub, and towel rack. Since you have a tiny space, it might not be possible for you to fit all these items in a single room, and you may have to narrow your list even further.

This is where individual preferences come in. Some people will want a bath instead of a space-saving shower, and are willing to compromise on other features to make room for it. Having a mirror is often preferred by most people.

Choosing the features and appliances to include in the design of your tiny house badezimmer will now be narrowed down to the basic essentials that you can’t live without.

Picking the Right Fixtures for Your Tiny House Badezimmer

The comfort you feel in your tiny house badezimmer will be largely determined by the quality of its sink, bathtub, shower, and other fixtures. So it is vital to pick fixtures that you like and that are aesthetically pleasing to you.

Choosing the right fixtures and acquiring them can be difficult, so it’s good to look online and in stores near you to see what’s available. Making sure to take the time to consider what you want in your bathroom will help ensure its overall quality.

Importance of Ventilation in a Tiny House Badezimmer

Ventilation is something to be taken seriously in constructing a bathroom, be it a tiny house or a typical bathroom.

In picking ventilation for your building, you’ll have to consider what materials and system are best. One of the main things to look for is mold resistant ventilation, so as to avoid poor indoor air quality.

One solution to mold is by using a fan that can be wired to a switch or timer. A fan will vent and diffuse air while you shower and will run until the condensation has cleared.

Generally speaking, its good to have a dehumidifier in your tiny home, as smaller homes tend to get stuffy and moist due to their size.

Is Building a Bath in Your Tiny House Necessary?

Building a tiny house bath in your bathroom is simply a matter of choice. Since the things you include in the design of your tiny house bathroom are primarily dependent on preference, you may choose to have a wet bath or not.

Baths are great for long and relaxing weekends and vacation. However, if you don’t plan on using a bath regularly, you may want to skip out on one in order to save space.


Although building a tiny house badezimmer may seem like a hassle, if you follow the general principles and guidelines we’ve outlined for you, you should be ready to start your planning.

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