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Are you looking for the best wood stove that would be perfect for your tiny house? Or perhaps you are wondering how to choose the best wood stove for tiny house styles? 

Either way, we’ve got you covered. 

Whether your tiny house lacks insulation or your current wood stove doesn’t burn long enough, we have made the best picks for all kinds of situations.

Here we cover everything that would enable you to pick the best wood stove for your tiny house. In addition, we sort through the different brands and styles of wood stoves and have selected our top five picks you should consider in 2022. 

Our selections are based on different factors to help you pick the best wood stove for your lifestyle. No matter what or why you need a wood stove, we’ve got you covered with this guide.

Let’s first answer a very important question: 

Are Wood Stoves the Best Option for Tiny Houses?

With the popularity of tiny houses, it seems that wood stoves have similarly increased in popularity. More than ever before people are willing to try living closer to nature with a tiny house or a trailer home.

Mini wood stoves are the perfect option to complement these choices. They will heat your home, they are compact and small without compromising quality, and you can almost always find space for them in any tiny home. 

Most importantly, these stoves can replace electric, gas, and solar heaters, and even traditional fireplaces. They use smaller fuel sources to get the job done and will often heat your tiny space quicker than other heaters.

Compared to fireplaces, wood stoves are more efficient and effective. They offer up to 80% efficiency while using one-third less wood.

They are the safer and more environmentally friendly option. Not only are they less risky when it comes to your safety but they also heat faster than solar heaters and are more reliable. All you need is to have an ample wood supply nearby to keep the heat on endlessly.

Another benefit of wood stoves is the dual purpose they serve as a cooktop in tiny houses. All you need to do if you need to get water boiling or fry eggs is to simply place a kettle or a pan on top of the wood stove and there you go. 

Finally, wood stoves fit the aesthetic of tiny houses more than any other option. In terms of fitting tiny houses, a close runner-up would be solar heaters. However, sunlight is variable and needs to be complemented with storage systems which adds to the cost of solar panels. 

So, yes, wood-burning stoves are currently one of the best living options for tiny houses. You just need to make sure you pick one that will perfectly match your needs in terms of aesthetics, quality, features, and heat production.

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of wood stoves, let’s dive into our top five best picks.

Best Wood Stove for Tiny House Living: Top 5 Picks

1. Fltom Camp Tent Stove, Portable Wood Burning Stove

The Fltom Tent Stove has many things going for it: it’s small, light, and has an impressive list of appealing features.

The first thing you’ll notice is the dedicated cooking space up top and the smokestack/air vent at the back. Keep in mind, this stove can be a deal-breaker if you are a bit short on space.

The heating compartment is also very sturdy and has a convenient ashtray below. This makes cleaning the wood stove an easy task.

One other thing we also loved about the Fltom tent stove is the flexibility. You can adjust the four legs and easily move this stove around. You will love this feature if you love camping out or moving your wood stove around.

In terms of heat production, the Fltom tent stove will easily heat your tiny house by quickly reaching high temperatures. This will help to ensure that you are keeping you warm in the winter months. It also comes with a high-quality stainless-steel pipe you can use to vent smoke out of your tiny house. This is a solid choice for almost any tiny home as long as you are not completely short on space.


  • Dedicated cooking space
  • Ashtray included
  • High heat output with good insulation
  • Efficient burn design


  • Not fully airtight

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2. WINNERWELL Woodlander Medium Tent Stove

Small, solid, and effective in heating tiny homes, the WINNERWELL Woodlander Medium Tent Stove is a powerful tool. The entire stove is made to be corrosion resistant thanks to its stainless steel design. In addition to this, it is lightweight to increase ease of carrying.

Offering tripod spring-loaded legs, stainless steel chimney pipes, a spark arrestor, and an ash scraper, this wood stove has it all. 

One of the things we love the most is that the seal between the door and the stove frame is tight. The WINNERWELL Medium also has a dedicated cooking space which is essential for those who love to cook. 

The stove handle serves to create more space for keeping extra utensils close by. It also handles heating well with a glass viewing window for some fireplace ambiance and quick-fire management.

Heat radiation is excellent with the WINNERWELL, too, as it will sufficiently heat a tent and a tiny house.

With its design and features, it is a top choice for the best wood stove for your tiny home.


  • High heat output with dedicated cooking space
  • Well built and lightweight
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Efficient wood stove
  • Long burn time with large heating capacity


  • No ashtray

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3. PMNY Wood Burning Stove

The PMNY Wood Burning Stove is a large wood-burning stove that can provide long burn times, ensuring that your tiny house is toasty when it’s chilly outside.

With its high heat output and high efficiency, it is ideal for tiny houses, tents, and campsites. The unit is a complete package that ships with almost everything you would need with a top-end tiny stove. This includes chimney pipes and an ashtray.

The wood stove is also airtight so you can safely use it indoors and with its long burn hours, you don’t need to refill with wood too often.

In addition to these essential features, it also has a dedicated cooktop with adjustable side shelves which can be used for extra space. As far as wood stoves go, the PMNY Wood Burning Stove beautifully recreates the ambiance you would get with a traditional fireplace with its tempered glass window.

All the additional accessories are easy to use and will aid you in keeping your tiny house warm and maximizing the cooking space. If you a looking for a tiny wood stove that has a large capacity and offers a great burn efficiency then this is the one.


  • Large capacity wood stove
  • High heat output
  • Great quality wood stove
  • Long burn time with large heating capacity


  • Low surface insulation

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4. US Stove US1269E 

At first glance, The US Stove classic design will win many buyers over, but it’s not just the design it’s got going for it. The cast iron material used for the stoves makes it a solid, efficient, and safe burning wood stove for your tiny house.

Although it does not have a tempered glass window to watch the fires burn like in a traditional fireplace, it accepts wood up to 19 inches in length. This means you do not need to resize standard firewood into smaller pieces of wood for this wood stove.

One of its best-selling features is the dual cooktop it offers. This should please anyone more focused on using this as a stove rather than a heater.

In terms of heat production, it heats pretty well and will keep your tiny house warm during the colder months. More specifically, it is rated to provide a heat output of 54,000 BTU up to 900 sq. ft. So, you can rest assured that this will provide efficient heating.

In terms of safety, the outer surface of the wood stove does get hot but the special 2-piece safety handle remains cool to the touch.

In our opinion, this is a perfect match if you are looking for a classic black wood-burning stove for your tiny home.


  • Long burn time
  • High heat output
  • Large size stove
  • Accepts firewood up to 19 inches in length
  • Dual Cooktop


  • Not approved for use in modular homes

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5. SoloWilder Small Portable Wood Burning Heater

The SoloWilder Camping Tent Stove manages to nail all the good qualities of a high-end wood stove for an affordable price.

It comes included with chimney pipes, a dedicated ashtray, and a visual front glass that helps to create the feel and looks of a traditional fireplace.

If you like all of that then you will surely like this wood-burning stove. The design enhances the safety and burning efficiency of the stove. It seals tight and creates a medium-sized wood stove that will keep your tiny house warm and comfortable when it’s cold.

The SoloWilder camping tent stove is also great for camping just like the name says. It can be used in a tent and outdoor shelters. You will also appreciate the included ashtray which makes cleaning up after several burning cycles easier.

In terms of design, the SoloWilder has a standard wood stove design. While it has cooking space up top, it does not have a dedicated cooktop.

Also, the legs are foldable and will greatly reduce the carrying space and flexibility. The SoloWilder truly does everything well, its only downside being the less than perfect build quality.


  • Efficient burn design with high output
  • Dedicated ashtray
  • Can heat most tiny houses
  • Fairly long burn time


  • No dedicated cooktop
  • Less than perfect build quality

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How to Pick the Best Wood Stove For Tiny House Styles

In case you have more specific factors to consider, here are our top tips for buying the best wood stoves anywhere on planet earth. 

Consider the Size of Your Tiny House

Before choosing the best wood stove for tiny house living, it’s best to consider the available space in your tiny home to avoid making the wrong purchase.

If you have limited space in your tiny house, buy a smaller wood stove. If you have more allowance for a larger wood stove, then pick something bigger.

This principle also ensures you pick a wood-burning stove that will radiate enough heat to keep your tiny house warm. The stove size to the square footage of your tiny home is a good relationship to use

Buy a Wood Burning Stove with an Adequate Cooking Surface

While most wood stoves have ample cooking surface space to use for cooking, some have inadequate space or only have venting options through the top.

This may not leave enough space for cooking especially if you are looking to use your tiny house wood stove for frequent cooking. The most valuable wood burning stove has a well-sized cooking surface to comfortably fit a kettle or a pan.

Consider the Size of the Wood Stove

To avoid additional labor, choose a wood burning stove that accepts the standard firewood cut size of 16 inches. If your tiny house is too small to comfortably fit, try positioning the wood stove sideways to reduce floor space and obtain a suitable fit.

If you need something extremely small inside your tiny house, you may need to resize every firewood you purchase by cutting them down to size yourself. You could also pay someone else to do it for you.

Put Safety First Always

Safety is one of the best advantages wood-burning stoves have over fireplaces. Despite this, burning wood indoors is still risky and could lead to accidents when safety is compromised.

Aside from those risks, there are additional risks you should consider. Carbon monoxide gases can leak into your tiny house, vents could become clogged, and you could mistakenly touch the stove when it is hot burning yourself.

Always make sure the wood stove your buying has a heat shield and quality build with stainless or carbon steel. You will also want to ensure the sealing design when closed is smoke-proof.

Ultimately, you want something with enough heat output and good burn efficiency to keep your home warm at all times, especially in a cold climate conditions.


The best wood stove for tiny house living is one that is safe to use with a solid heat shield, fits your tiny house, has ample cooking surface, and offers the best value for money.

You need something that will fit the aesthetic of your tiny house, providing enough heat to keep you warm even in winter, as well as something that can keep burning wood for longer.

You have seen how useful wood stoves can be and now you have the tips you need to make a perfect choice. I am certain these tips will help you buy the perfect wood stove in 2022.

For more useful buying guides for other tiny house living, check out our other guides and similar articles.

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